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Masonary anchor
Masonary Anchors
Masonry Anchors are used to attach items to concrete by drilling in a pilot holeand then dropping in the anchor so that it expands against the wall of the hole.
Wall anchor
Wall Anchors
Wall Anchors are used to anchor signs or other object to walls of different material.
Lag shield
Lag Shield
Lag Shield anchors are used for anchoring to concrete, brick, or blocks using lag screws.
Chemical anchor
Chemical Anchors
Chemical Anchors are steel studs that are anchored into substrate like concrete using a resin based adhesive.
Conical anchor
Conical Anchors
Conical Anchors are ideal for attaching machine screws to concrete, brick, or wall board using a pre-drilled hole.
Push in anchor
Push In Anchors
Push In Anchors are generally all in one plastic clips that allow them to be inserted into holes and then the internal pin is pushed in expanding the anchor.