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All thread rod
All Thread Rod
All Thread Rod is a piece of round steel generally in 3, 6, 10, and 12 foot lengths with thread running the full length of the bar.
All thread stud
All Thread Stud
All Thread Studs are non-standard lengths of round steel threaded the full length of the bar.
Threaded rebar
Threaded Rebar
Threaded Rebar is standard rebar with a thread applied to the end for attaching items to it.
Double end stud
Double End Studs
Double End Studs are round steel bars with threads of varying length on each end anda gap in between them.
Single end stud
Single End Studs
Sing End Studs are round steel bars with thread on one end only running a partial distance along the bar.
Swedged rod
Swedged Rods
Swedged Rods are alternatives to headed and L anchor bolts and are often used where spacing is limited. The bonding material forms around the indentions creating a tight anchoring.