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F436 washer
F436 Washers
F436 Washers are washers made from hardened material and are general smaller than standard washers. They are recommended for non-low carbon bolts.
Bevel washer
Bevel Washers
Bevel Washers are angled to allow for imperfections in the fastening surface.
High collar helical spring lock washer
High Collar Helical Spring Lock Washers
High Collar Helical Spring Lock Washer have smaller outer diameters to allow for confined areas. The larger thickness keeps the locking effectiveness.
Split lock washer
Split Lock Washers
Split Lock Washers have offset ends that apply pressure to a nut and keep itfrom spinning on its own under vibration.
Finishing washer
Finishing Washers
Finishing Washers have a sunken design and increased surface are to give a better bearing surface and a cleaner appearance.
Fender washer
Fender Washers
Fender Washers have a larger outer diameter to help spread the load on thin sheet metal. They were primarily used in the automotive industry for fenders hence the name Fender Washer.
Square plate washer
Square Plate Washers
Square Plate Washers are used for areas with seismic activity because they create more friction when tightened. They also offer superior concrete contact when used in conjunction with a double end stud in an anchor bolt situation.
Sae flat washer
SAE Flat Washers
SAE Flat Washers are washers generally designed to meet the requirements of automotive manufacturing. They have a smaller inner and outer diameter and thinner thickness.
Uss flat washer
USS Flat Washers
USS Flat Washers are designed to meet most requirements of major industrial applications. The outer diameter, inner diameter, and thickness were developed to meet the broadest possible application.