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Hex head bolt
Hex Head Bolt
Six-sided hex head bolts are the industry standard for forged headed bolts. We carry a variety of Hex Head bolts in multiple materials including Low Carbon, Medium Carbon, Alloy, and Stainless Steel.
Heavy hex head bolt
Heavy Hex Head Bolts
Many ASTM spec's require a bolt with a larger and thicker head than regular Hex Head Bolts. Frontier Bolt carries A193, A320, and A325 among others.
Structural bolt
Structural Bolts
Structural bolts are used for high load steel to steel structural construction.
Square headed bolt
Square Headed Bolt
Square head bolts and screws were the industry standard before hex headed fasteners gained popularity.
Hex lag screw
Hex Lag Screws
Lag screws are used to join items to lumber or wood floors. They can also be used in conjunction with lag shield anchors to secure to concrete. With good corrosion resistance, either by galvanizing or clear zinc plating, they are well suited for outside use.
Square lag screw
Square Lag Screws
A Square Lag Screw is generally used when the customer is looking for a specific aesthetic feel.
Carriage bolt
Carriage Bolts
A carriage bolt has a square shoulder under a rounded head and are commonly used for wood connections where the head is not easily accessible or a smooth finish is needed.
Round head bolt
Round Head Bolts
Round Head Bolts are similar to carriage bolts but without the square neck under the round head.
Countersunk bolt
Countersunk Bolts
Countersunk Bolts are used when a flat smooth surface is needed, usually in attaching bridge decking, walkways, or railings.
Step bolt
Step Bolts
Step bolts are used for just that. They are generally attached to utility poles and towers for climbing.
Washer head bolt
Washer Head Bolts
Washer head bolts are utilized when a greater surface area is needed to attach products.
Timber spike bolt
Timber Spike Bolts
Timber spike bolts have points under the head that can drive into soft material such as wood and lock them in place when tightening.